Safe & clean

We think it’s utmost important our young guests can play in a safe and clean environment with a good overview. We value safety and hygiene very highly! Our playground equipment is certified and well maintained. We check our equipment on a daily base for defects and carry out major maintenance regularly. In addidtion, our plyaground is cleaned daily after closing hours.

To create a good atmosphere and an optimal playing climate, we’ve put together a set of house rules with great care, where all our guest, big and small, must adhere to. To read all of our house regulations click here 

Play and learn

With good and bad weather, we offer children the opportunity to enjoy themselves. At Circus City children are challenged to discover, create and exercise in a dynamic play environment. 

We and society

Circus City tries to be as ecological freindly as possible. We constantly innovate to make our products and services more sustainable. We separate our waste for recycling and try to reduce our energy consumption by investing in energy efficient installations. We strive to be ecological neutral within considerable time.

Circus City is socially commited. We support all kinds of organisations who are commited to improve the community and involvement of children.

Working and learning

As a recognized training company of the SBB, we train and educate young students of different schools and courses, to help them get experienced in a working environment. We collaborate with ‘Scholengemeenschap De Rooi Pannen’ and train students from the school for horeca, recreation & leisure. In addition, we train pupils of several vocational collages and we welcome highschool pupils regularly for an introduction internship.